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Polymer Clay Illustration 
by Joseph Barbaccia


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Joseph Barbaccia is a Delaware, USA based artist. He studied fine art, design and illustration at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia before beginning his professional career. Joseph’s illustrations have been presented as covers and interior pieces for magazines, books, and more.


“My years in the design industry helped me understand that successful illustration is one half inspiration and one half collaboration. And that working with other professional creatives can make assignments even that much more rewarding. I’m confident that my ability to meet deadlines and my exceptional illustration style have the potential to produce award winning works. Contact me if you’re looking for someone who can get the work to you on time, in budget and in the style you expect.”

His illustration work is created with polymer clay and is three dimensional in form; similar to a bas relief.


Joseph has written articles about his unique style for Polymer Arts magazine. His work has been featured in Luzer’s Archive 200 BEST Illustrators Worldwide, Illustration Annual 57,
3 X 3 Illustration Directory, Polymer Journeys (The Art and Craft of Polymer), Creative Quarterly, Illustration West 54, and the AOI World Illustration Awards.


Joseph is a member of  The Society of Illustrators, The Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Association of Illustrators, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and The International Polymer Clay Association.


"I've followed Joe's artwork since he began and was always amazed at the level of detail he could capture with clay. When he announced that he'd be taking commissions on portraits, I jumped at the chance for him to produce one of my daughter. He graciously accepted, and when I received it, I didn't expect the flood of emotions evoked by the portrait. Such a unique medium perfectly used to create what I deem the first masterpiece I own (and I have originals from notable painters). But nothing compares to this. Thank you Joe for creating a precious heirloom that we will forever cherish."

Thaddeus Kim, President Mokomandy LLC


“Joe has been a pleasure to work with on one of our recent publication covers. With deadlines looming, he totally nailed the concept and delivered a vibrant, finished illustration in his signature style that takes our publication to a new level.”

Galen Lawson
Art Director Washington, DC Economic Partnership

“Working with Joe, who provided 10 illustrations for my children's book, was pure delight. His illustrations were awe inspiring, making me more excited than ever about this dear-to-my-heart project: a short story written by my son, now illustrated for his newborn daughter.”

Dianne McCune


Paradise Studio Illustration





Georgetown, DE

United States

Polymer Clay Illustration 
by Joseph Barbaccia
Polymer Clay Illustration 
by Joseph Barbaccia